Anja was my family’s daycare provider for six years. She became like family to my son and daughter. Over that period of time my children learned so many valuable lessons with her, and got up every morning wanting to attend Little Bloomers. Anja is wonderful with the kids and really values a variety of activities and play. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for fun, safe, reliable daycare. My kids still ask after her!!
​August 19th, 2019

     Anja was so great with my little ones. My son was there for 3 years and my daughter for 1.5 years. They thrived in the fun and welcoming environment Anja created and she was always supportive and professional with parents. Trips to the bakery, the park, crafts and learning through play. Clean and consistent; we were lucky to have had you. Thanks.

Lauren Gladys
October 23, 2018

     Little Bloomers childcare is amazing. Anja's space is very warm and open and friendly..there was never a time where me or my family felt unwelcome. Our little girl was their for a year and we could not ask for a better place for her to spend her days. We are sad to leave. Anja had a very loving and caring home environment. Our little girl came home with many loving memories, We will never forgot. We will always remember you and your family. We will honk everytime we go by your house because lavahna will always say that's Anja's house. To everyone reading this review i highly recommend anja for all your daycare needs. Thank you so much. The vibe Family.Little Bloomers Childcare

Jennifer Rose Morrice
May 31, 2017

     We've used a few daycares for our children over the years, and Little Bloomers is tops on the list. Anja has great command over the children and we have 100% confidence that the they're receiving quality care, activities and education. Definitely recommend Anja and Little Bloomers to anyone in the Nanaimo area. Very glad we found her!

Chris Botting - 2016
Satisfied Dad!


    What an amazing daycare. Anja do outings and trips with the kids, crafts, singing and lots of outdoor play. So thoughtful and caring. My 2.5y old loves it and he only does drop in at the moment! Highly recommended.

Danielle Jackson
December 17, 2015 


     My son officially 'graduated' from Little Bloomers today after being there for 3 years ages 2-5. We still rate the care provided by Anja as 5 stars! She provided a very warm, caring, and inviting environment for our little boy. Connor loved going there and will have many wonderful memories from his adventures with Anja and the Little Bloomers gang! I especially appreciated that Anja took lots of pictures and posted them regularly so that we as parents can see what they have been up to all day!!! We will definitely miss being there. Aug 2015

Tisha Dobson - 2015
Happy Mom

     I highly recommend Little Bloomers, my son started there last fall and I felt very fortunate to have found a rare open space, as I know Anja has a great reputation for providing quality, safe, fun childcare. My son loved the activities, day trips and outside time, and I really felt confident that Anja was safety conscious while still letting the children explore and be kids! Anja was also able to keep boundaries while still making sure the kids had lots of fun and lots of time for creativity.

Carla - 2015
Satisfied Mom

     We loved Little Bloomers! Our son was with Anja for a year and a half before his little brother was born. To this day if we happen to drive by Little Bloomers my son always says "Hi Anja, Bye Anja!!" We never had to worry that he was in good hands. Love the arts and crafts and also love that they always get outside time for fresh air and activitiy, even in the winter it is great with the covered play area!

Jennifer - 2014
Happy Mom

     We were lucky enough to find Little Bloomer last year for before and after school care. Anja always had something fun planned for the kids even for the older ones. The focus on outdoor activity time and creating the foundation for a healthy lifestyle was a great fit with our family's values. We were sorry to move on from Little Bloomers.

Hannah King - 2014
Satisfied Mom


     I started my son at Little Bloomers after meeting Anja and seeing her wonderful space through a local Mom's group. Anja was warm and friendly and obviously knowledgeable. Her space was organized and educational and had many of the qualities I found appealing in larger centers. My son, though shy and hesitant about new experiences, took to Anja and Little Bloomers quickly. We have since moved away, but he still asks about going back to 'Anja's House'. Had it not been for our move, we would still be there and would be enrolling our younger son as well! You will not be disappointed with Little Bloomers!

Erin - 2013
Thankful Mom!

     Our daughter attended Little Bloomers Daycare from the time she was 28 months until she turned 4 years old. We were really pleased with our choice! Anja is professional, honest and well organized. We appreciated that there is no TV watching and that she takes the kids to play outdoors, pretty much every day! The indoors activities are educational and fun: circle time with singing, dancing and storytelling; creative arts and crafts; and of course, free play. Our daughter has learnt different skills and games while at daycare, she even knows some German! We recommend Anja and Little Bloomers Daycare, it is a fun, safe, friendly and colorful environment for kids to grow and learn in.

Genevieve Caron & Darren Moss
June 2013

      We have known Anja over a year now. She is a wonderful child care provider who continues to foster a creative and engaging learning environment for the children in her care. Our children attend École Quarterway and we have used Anja for before and after school care. Both our children enjoy being with Anja and going to the daycare. Adriana Prlic

Adriana Prlic
Happy Parents 2012

     We have used Little Bloomers on a drop in basis, and my son loves it! Such a wonderful space for the kids, and Anja is so caring towards each kid! Wonderful arts and crafts too, and lots of trips to different events around town!

Shannon - 2012
Happy mom

      Our daughter Morgan has been attending at Little Bloomer's since January of 2011 and we couldn't be happier with Anja's care. Morgan has been home full-time with mom since she was born and putting her into part-time care was stressful for me but Anja helped make this an easy transition for us. My daughter truly looks forward to being with Anja and the other children. We have enrolled her for longer hours through the summer months purely because she enjoys it there so much! Anja provides a structured, safe, and comforting environment for the children. I love that her home meets the middle ground of a caring home-like feel mixed with a structured day care. I would happily recommend any parent looking for safe and loving care to Anja.

Monique - 2012
Satisfied Mom

      I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Little Bloomers Childcare. We used Anja's services on a drop-in basis. Our little guy loved it, he came home every time with a fun art project. We were also able to call or stop in anytime to see how he is doing. Anja is very friendly and you can tell that she really cares about each child. I felt very good leaving my son in her care.

Sharon - Apr'11
Satisfied Mom

      Lil Bloomers :) My daughter has been in Anja's Little Bloomers daycare since March 2010 and loves to get up and go everyday!! Each day they participate in fun and educational activities, I have noticed a very positive change in my daughter since she began at Lil Bloomers. Anja has truly taken every detail into consideration in caring for the children in her daycare and their safety; I am very happy to have my child at Lil Bloomers and would strongly recommend her.

Barbara - 2010
Satisfied Mom!

     I highly recommend Little Bloomers! Ourtwin daughters, Rachel and Lauren, are very well taken care of by Anja. We are grateful to know the girls are in a loving, structured, educational, and professional place. I no longer feel guilty going to work because I know our girls look forward to their time at Anjas house!

Kelly - March 2010
Satisfied Mom