Little Bloomers Childcare is more than just daycare.  We offer a program with an educational activity schedule in both English & German.  Each day we learn about something new and we have fun doing it. Children learn best from experiencing the world around them.
   Our program makes every effort to attend the specific needs of each child on many levels.  Each child is unique.  Through our observations, daily interaction and close communication with parents, we help guide each child's physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth, all in a relaxed, safe and loving environment. 

   The essential foundations for learning, communication, expression and physical health are formed during these vital first years of life.  Respectfully, we assist each child through this discovery process with the hope of instilling a lifetime love of learning. Of equal importance, in these early years, is the establishment of self-esteem and self-discipline.  We provide an environment whereby the child can make choices that lead to positive and empowering experiences of responsibility and self-reliance.  All of this is done in a consistently warm and nurturing environment, as close to home as we can provide.