I was born and raised in Germany. As a teen I was the favoured babysitter in my neighbourhood. In 1995 I graduated from a 3 year university program in Hotel Management. Shortly after I completed my Bachelor of Education degree and I began teaching apprentices for the hotels for the next 7 years. Teaching and caregiving have always been important to me.  In 2002 I completed my Diploma as a Business Economist. 

    In 1999 I met my husband Patrick in Germany and in 2003 we started a new life in Canada. We now have two beautiful kids together. A daughter named Ashley and a son named Kane.  I have been caring for my own children for several years and since 2009 we added a few more little friends to our group. 

    My decision to do child care out of my home has come from a desire to stay at home with my children. With the support of my husband, I am able to parent for a living.  What a wonderful job!  Of course, part of what makes my job so wonderful is the enjoyment of watching my own children and the other children grow into responsible caring people.  Many parents have different ways of parenting their children, in order to make everyone’s experience the best, similar parenting methods will be a successful match.  

   Little Bloomers is a place where children are encouraged to learn through doing, to enhances their natural abilities and to encourages learning new skills.  Mutual respect and getting along with others is encouraged, as these are life long skills that will set the children up for success.

   I provide fun and educational activities such as; crafts, stories, music, circle time, gymnastics, baking and much more. I encourage kids in group play activities as well as free play. With a spacious fenced frontyard, there is plenty of outdoor fun and fresh air. The children that attend my centre are of various ages which helps to create a family atmosphere.